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Cloud Computing - Making the right Connections

Through a concept known as cloud computing, organisations around the globe have begun to share and store digital information via virtual, off-premise servers that are accessed through numerous types of connections, primarily the Internet. By using shared multitenant servers, employees are able to log into a Web-based service containing all programs needed to complete daily tasks, thus eliminating the need for individual sets of software for each employee's computer.

With cloud computing, a name inspired by the cloud symbol typically used to embody the Internet, a variety of computer services are now available to individuals from a storehouse of shared computer processors. With cost savings and a yet unmeasured potential, the future of cloud computing is rife with promise and possibilities.

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Optimizing Your Professional and Technical Workforce

Asia Pacific is home to seven of the world's most populous countries with 4.1 billion people - more than 60 per cent of the world's population. As the markets in Asia Pacific increasingly transition to highly industrialized and service-facing economies, this transformation creates unprecedented demand for talent who are highly skilled. Workforce analysts project that job growth over the next decade will be particularly evident among professional and technical positions, which include accountants, business managers, engineers, medical doctors, scientists and information technology specialists.

There is currently a shortage of qualified professional and technical talent in the workforce. As a result of fierce global competition for skills, technological innovation and a steady decline in barriers to immigration, organisations and employers are facing more intense competition to find the best candidates.

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The Next Talent Frontier- Seven Waves of Change

A business across the globe evaluate and continue to assess their Human Resources requirements, they are being confronted by a daunting array of challenges.
On one hand, in the aftermath of historical highs in unemployment, there is supposed to be an abundance of talent- yet attracting the best people is more difficult than ever. A proiferation of new social networking and database technologies is transforming the way people look for work.

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Understanding and Leveraging Generational Diversity for Organizational Success

The business world is becoming increasingly global. Services and products offered by businesses are also becoming more focused and targeted at specific demographic segments. In addition, many organizations today have clients all over the world who demand excellent services and products that meet their diverse needs, expectations and priorities.

To download a copy, click here: Understanding and Leveraging Generational Diversity


Building a Strong Employer Brand at all Times for a Sustainable Organization

In a competitive and borderless world, organizations need every weapon in their arsenal to attract and retain their most important and valuable asset - talent. Even in economically volatile times, employees, especially those who possess the right technical and behavioral competencies, continue to be a scarce resource and employers will need to poise themselves well to capture the attention, interest and commitment of the best and brightest candidates.

To download a copy, click here: Building a Strong Employer Brand


Gen Y @ Work - A Profile

The composition of the workforce today is changing significantly. For the first time, four generations are employed side by side - The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. Each group goes to work with their own values and attitudes.

At Kelly Services, we understand that the Generation Y workforce is an ever-increasingly important segment of the labour force and the future of the work world. This paper is developed to help organizations and HR practitioners gain an understanding if members of Generation Y or "Gen Y" at work. Specifically, the paper explores this next generation of employees at work in comparison with the other generations as well as the attraction and retention strategies and tactics that can be undertaken by organizations to engage and motivate a high-performace Gen Y workforce.

To download a copy, click here: Gen Y @ Work - A Profile


IT Skills @ Work - An Asia Pacific Perspective

The rapid rate of growth of different sectors in the IT industry coupled with changing demographic trends present many challenges to organizations that are navigating the waters of the changing IT labor market. The growth in IT positions is driven by new opportunities to leverage technology in organizations and businesses recognizing the significant impact that IT can have on growth and revenue.

The Kelly IT Skills @ Work Study was conducted by Kelly Services to explore the critical skills needs and skills shortages in the IT workforce as well as the attraction and retention strategies and tactics undertaken by organizations to ensure a high-performance IT workforce.

To download a copy, click here: IT Skills @ Work - An Asia Pacific Perspective

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